Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Today was the last session of my collage class.  It has been a gift to be in Laura's class (lonecrowart.blogspot.com/) and the bonus of it all was to create and work with other women who love collage.  Each student in the class has been an inspiration to me.  I really admire the artwork everyone creates.  Laura really pulls us into the creative process and I love that and need that!  The piece I created is from our last two sessions.  I call it "Layers."  Over the years, I've been trying to grow up and out.  I've often been told that the process is much like the peeling off of layers of an oinion.  Layers that cover up who we are, our hurts or the broken places in our lives.  The collage process is the opposite of this.  In collage, we build through layering.  I am finding that the layers help to reveal who I am.  I found a common bond with many of the women in the class.  We all have a yearning to break away from the things that keep us bound to habits we wrestle with.  The collage  process is theraputic because it helps us to take risks that we might not normally consider.  In our class, there is a comfort to take those leaps.  I look forward to more, with hopes to expose whoever I am!

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