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Blooming in the Gray

Blooming in the Gray by Re Kielar
A few months ago, I made a huge decision. I decided to retire.I use the word retired, loosely because I truly feel I have more of me to give in life.The problem is, I just don’t know exactly what that is.In January, after undergoing shoulder surgery, I was certain I’d be back to work and slide easily back into place.Nope.Not a chance.The recovery time period was never really explained to me (maybe I wasn’t paying close attention), so I was propelled home after an unsuccessful return to my job.I found the rest I needed at home, and after more time passed, I finally felt ready for a second attempt to return to work.
I was all in.Sort of.Something in me was stirring and I wasn’t sure what it was.I shared my thoughts I had with my husband and he matter-of-factly said a few words that seemed to set me free.“Stay home,” he said.I almost asked him to say it again, but I didn’t chance it.Instead, I cried a stream of tears.I wasn’t sure where my tears came fro…