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I was doing a little pondering recently and I was caught off guard when I began to think about my journey.   I saw that questions about my journey mostly centered on the direction of my life, what was impacting me, and where I was headed.   Where did the signs lead ME to?    Then the light bulb turned on.  The truth is that the journey is not supposed to be about me.   It’s supposed to be about God.   Yet, so much of the time, I am thinking about myself in the journey.   What really matters is whether or not my journey is leading me to HIM.   Now that really jazzes up my route.   The path that leads to ME vs. the path that leads to God.   Hmmm.   I realized that along much of the way, I’ve arranged my journey so as to have things point to me and not God.   We hear a lot of talk about our life purpose.   Any time I hear a speaker talk about this topic, I am drawn to it with a magnetic force.   I want to know about my purpose .   What I have realized is that my purpose is to poi