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Rejection Reflection

The warning was well received.   My friend and fellow artist, Lisa, encouraged me to submit my artwork for a juried show.   This would be my first attempt at such an endeavor.   Little did she realize she was doing me a huge favor.   She warned me that my work could get rejected and then she explained why.   This didn’t click for me at the time, but it proved to be so helpful when I opened the email from the studio about my submission.   It was a nicely worded rejection notice.   I read it over once, and then a second time, carefully analyzing the wording, trying to read between the lines to find some clue that somehow stamped a grade on my work.   Pass?   Fail?   Then I remembered Lisa’s words.   She warned me that sometimes a style of work doesn’t fit the theme or the look of a show.    Did it take away the sting?   Well, not initially.   I did have a pity party for a few moments.   Then I realized no one else was at the party so it had to end pretty quickly.   The words