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Time to Purge

My husband has an overwhelming challenge before him.   He is in charge of a project that requires the purging and clean-up of a huge company warehouse.   I envision it as a corporate pentagon project with rows and rows of material.   There are parts that belong to numerous departments within his company, some of which are obsolete and yet some still usable and valuable.    It has been a frustrating and painful process.   It is his responsibility to identify the junk that will be purged.   Some of the inventory has been stored for years, and it’s difficult to find the right “owner.”   So, he sets out to do just that.   Once he identifies the owner, he notifies them and proceeds to tell them that his assignment requires immediate action.   He gives them the opportunity to view their “stash” and to make a decision about it.   He clearly informs them that if he doesn’t hear back from them by a certain date, their stuff will be gone, forever.   Clearly, he pushes buttons in people