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I'm a piece of work. Artwork that is!

  “God is not a technician.   God is an Artist.     This is the God who made you.     The same God who lives inside you.     He comes into us, then comes out of us, in a million little ways.”       Emily Freeman "A Million Little Ways" For me, one of the little ways is through collage.   In my class this weekend, I listened, tried to retain (big challenge for this messy mind of mine) and then apply.   One thing was certain, when I thought too much about what I wanted to create, I became stuck.   I had to stop and release that urge to strive.   Strive for what?  Perfection, inability to commit?  A little of both.    Thankfully, I caught myself and decided to just go for it and slap a piece of collage paper on my canvas.   That wasn’t so bad.   Now I was able to exhale.   Once I did that, my heart was stirred and I was able to move forward with anticipation.   What a process!   It sounds painful, but really it is growth, which is good.    We wor