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When I said yes

When I said yes to God, I had no idea of the path it would take me on.   My heart and the broken places inside of me were a mess, yet I found hope in God and I was “all in.”    I found a God that offered a way through truth.   Truth that I was truly forgiven and fully loved.   Thirty years ago, I said yes, and looking back on the path, I see the inclines that have given me spiritual muscle.   I’ve seen grace and miracles come through pain, growth, beauty and love.    These days, though, I’m tired.   Because I often think that after all this time, I’d have some kind rest, maybe a little coasting.   But just like the physical body, if we stop working it, using it, we die.   Atrophy sets in.   Spiritually, I sometimes feel atrophied.   My spiritual laziness makes me feel even dead at times.   It is a place so easy to get to.   I rest on my own “goodness,” whatever that is.   And that’s the beginning of a new path that takes me absolutely nowhere.    Today.   Now.   I say ye