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Let it simmer

Just like a recipe that requires simmering, God started to simmer something in my soul.  A gentle way to say, I'm going to do something and I'll be easing into a full boil.  Quite a daunting thought.  He is a gentle, loving God who only wants the best for me, right?  I have to remember that.  He LOVES me.  Yet, he's had the flame on simmer for some time.  But just like it's so easy to get used to the sting of a steamy, hot shower, so it is with that simmer.  You just get used to it and you can stand it.  Well, I guess he noticed and has decided to turn up the heat a little.  I know I have a high tolerance for discomfort.  I just ignore it, thinking there must be something wrong with me.  My usual modus operandi.  But God says no to that.  He uses discomfort as a simmer in the soul, as if to say I am going to do a new work in you.  I am going to turn that discomfort into something amazing.   Amazing?  Really?  That discomfort starts to take on a name or two.  Things th