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Lipstick and a prayer

W inter is being stubborn.  Just a few weeks ago, spring teased us and we were happy and hooked.   On this one particular day, driving in to work, I said a few simple prayers, and decided to push back the cold with some color. I’m not usually one to splash on lipstick, but out came a tube from my purse.  It was practically new because most of the time, the color sticks to my teeth rather than my lips.  There must be a video on how to apply it properly, don’t you think?  I’m not a loyal user, but this dreary morning, it was my secret weapon.  I needed a lift. So when I walked into the office, I didn’t say good morning.  Instead, I said, “Get your lipstick on, girls!”  We had a good laugh as we complained about the cold and wondered how much longer we’d be tortured by the cold.  We needed to inject some color into the day.  It was a great way to battle the weather. Do you ever get up with awareness that there’s a remnant of "winter" trying to sneak in your day?