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Are you living an interrupted life, or an inspired life?

Our lives have been interrupted.
This interruption has taken my eyes off the things that give me life.The countless emotions keep me distracted just enough to keep me stuck in a space where I feel unmotivated and frozen much of the time. I’d call it loss of focus, but it’s more than that.
Sunday mornings are filled with hope as I sit comfortably in my home and attend virtual church services through my laptop. I listen and hope I can retain eloquently revealed truths. In need these truths and I want them to replace the mindless thoughts I so often entertain these days. Will they carry me through the week? Sadly, my retention rate is pretty low.
But this past Sunday, I decided to take in a second message cast through my daughter’s church in Oklahoma. The message title seemed a little odd, considering all we're experiencing these days, but I tuned in intently.  
Moving from interrupted to inspired.
I’ve listed to many great messages about finding your “why”. They are very inspirational…

Words that bring life

Happy New Year, mighty woman of God.
A friend sent me this text message and it took my breath away. I don’t think she had any idea of the impact of her words.Big words that swept through my heart and mind making me shrink and soar at the same time.Shrinking at the thought of how far-fetched it sounded, soaring at the possibility of it.Refusing it and embracing it.I could wrestle with that forever.
I locked the message in my phone so I wouldn't inadvertently delete it.This message was special because of one powerful thing.  Encouragement.  It held a blessing in it that covered my soul with something simple, yet extraordinary.A virtual tattoo that brought life to my heart.
Words of encouragement are sometimes easy to miss.I could have deleted that message in a flash.I could have simply dismissed it as a nice comment and gone about my business.But there was something in those words.Something good and divinely impactful.Words so beautiful, that gave me hope to think and believe that ma…