Are you living an interrupted life, or an inspired life?

Our lives have been interrupted.

This interruption has taken my eyes off the things that give me life.  The countless emotions keep me distracted just enough to keep me stuck in a space where I feel unmotivated and frozen much of the time. I’d call it loss of focus, but it’s more than that.

Sunday mornings are filled with hope as I sit comfortably in my home and attend virtual church services through my laptop. I listen and hope I can retain eloquently revealed truths. In need these truths and I want them to replace the mindless thoughts I so often entertain these days. Will they carry me through the week? Sadly, my retention rate is pretty low.

But this past Sunday, I decided to take in a second message cast through my daughter’s church in Oklahoma. The message title seemed a little odd, considering all we're experiencing these days, but I tuned in intently.  

Moving from interrupted to inspired.

I’ve listed to many great messages about finding your “why”. They are very inspirational, but this message was different. This message wasn't about my "why".  It was about God's. Simply put, our purpose isn’t about us.  It’s about God.  Here’s how it reads in Psalm 57:2:

“I cry out to God most high, to God who will fulfill his purpose for me.”

Pastor Craig Groeschel puts it this way:

“You don’t find your purpose; you serve God’s purpose. If you want to serve God’s purpose, start serving God’s people.” 

The interruption now turned into inspiration. I was moved to get out of my comfort zone. Actually, I would say God moved. He moved me to put my gifts to use, as imperfect as I might believe them to be.

And so, I decided to be intentional. I leaned into a creative expression I wasn't accustomed to. I decided to create a short video to illustrate how to combine art and prayer, using it as a spiritual practice. I’m a novice, so it’s a very simple video. That’s not the point, though. The point is that through the gift that God gave me, the gift of creativity, I am able to serve. Is it a little scary? You bet. But, I can serve knowing I have been inspired by God and He is the one at work. Through this gift, I can be who He designed me to be. 

God hasn’t abandoned us during this time in our lives. He is there. He wants to hear our thoughts and emotions. Sometimes we just don’t know how to share those and my hope is that this little video will be an opening in your life to greater intimacy with Him.

I pray you tap into what God has poured into your very soul. I pray you pay attention to the way God wired you. He's given you a gift that is meant to be shared with the world. It's meant to accomplish His purpose for your life. As you share your gift, you'll experience joy and peace. Ultimately, as you shine, He will shine. But along with all those things, you will move from living an interrupted life to living an inspired life.


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