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Amazing Connections

Have you ever had one of those days that are just so full of goodness, you feel like you’re bursting?  Today was one of those days.  It was a day of art and a day of good people.  Two amazing combinations.   Any time I am in one of my collage art classes, it’s special.  It is so for many reasons, but mainly because of my instructor, Laura.  I don’t think she fully realizes how she impacts her students.  More importantly, I don’t think she really knows what an important thread she has been and continues to be in my life.  In a nutshell, s he has inspired me to be the artist I am today, and the artist I am becoming.  And she has done this with complete freedom in sharing her expertise  as an artist.   God has used may people to help me realize my dreams and He has done this by thread ing my life together with those H e has put in my path.   He has never allowed me to cross paths with someone without his hand being involved.  Today, He used Laura to create a new thread. Aft