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Being an artist...what is it?

When I think about being an artist, three words come to mind...inspiration, frustration and creation.  The creative process starts with inspiration, which can come from so many places.  Internally, it can come from a seed planted in my mind.  Externally, it can come from other art, music, inspirational text, poetry, on and on.  But once that inspiration is planted, it starts to stir inside and then it needs to come out.  But how?  That's the frustrating part for me.  I know what I want to get out, and I work on this goal until I get to where my vision needs to rest.  It's the creative process and that's where I love to be.  It's a journey.  I flow back and forth inside the inspiration and frustration.  But it is movement that is all good.  There is joy in the journey as long as I don't hold on too tight and get too wrapped up in perfection, which kills creativity.  I know when to walk away to let my mind clear so that inspiration takes the lead.  Each day, I see