Personal Mission Statement Workshop

I recently heard a statement that said September is the new January.
I get that!  I am so ready for the crisp weather that's around the corner.  The fall also signifies new beginnings for some of us.  Starting school, new projects, etc.   Yes, I'm a little sad to see summer go, but I am also anticipating what God has around the corner.

Since I "retired" earlier this year, I've been busy and one of the things that has been in the works is a workshop I am presenting in September called the Discover Your Personal Mission Workshop.

Does that sound intimidating to you?  Well, it might.  But don't check out just yet.

What is a mission statement anyway?  Dave Ramsey describes it like this:

A personal mission statement defines who you are as a person (or as a team member where you work) and identifies your purpose, whether that’s in the office or simply in life. It explains how you aim to pursue that purpose, and why it matters so much to you.

To me, a mission statement is simply a series of statements that describe how your unique strengths and giftings can impact others.

So, let me tell you a little bit about the workshop.  We will spend some time taking a look at your gifts and the things that really matter to you.  Those markers will be the foundation for writing your very own personal mission statement.

I'll be walking you through steps to help you create a statement that will actually give you freedom in your journey.  It will help you live with intention and clarity.  It's a road map for how to make decisions (am I the only one who gets side-tracked when there are decisions to be made?)

It's actually freeing and I will be sharing how it personally helped me over the last few months.  If you want to read an older post about writing your mission statement, you can find it on my blog, Petals of Friendship.. This class will be more detailed than the post, so if you're a hands-on learner, you're going to like it.  Plus we get to hang out for a few hours.  Oh, and one little surprise...the class includes a very, very simple artsy/craftsy project.  (Don't be scared.)  

If you think you'd like to join me on September 12th, please reserve your seat by visiting Willow's sign up page. Here's the direct link:

Joy to you,



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