Getting from here to there

I’ve learned three basic chords. The chords are played with the left hand, and the C chord is the anchor chord. It is easy to find, because when you touch it with your finger, it has an indentation on it to make it evident that your finger is on C. Once I have my finger on the C, I can find the other two chords I’ve learned pretty easily. Those would be the F and G chords. Sounds easy enough. That is until last week when I saw a chord I didn’t know how to reach. The new chord was D. For me, it was D as in “duh.” How in the world was I going to get my fingers over there? It was above the G, and my teacher showed me where it was located, but once I got home, I was pretty lost. It took a leap of blind faith to find it, and then I had to get the feel of it.
I know you’re asking that if what I explained earlier was true, what’s the big deal, right? Well, it’s one thing to move one key over with my fingers to go to the neighboring chord, but it’s not so easy to find a chord that is two doors down. Trust me, it’s just not that easy. Sometimes life is like that, too. We know how to get to the simple places in our lives because some of the things in life are naturally connected. Decisions of what to do next on major things, though, are not so easy. When there is no “guide” in knowing what to do, you have to do it with pure faith. It took a lot of practice and time to get the feel of knowing where the D chord is on my accordion. I’ve almost gotten the hang of it. When life deals a decision making moment, that’s when I have to go to God and give him my time. It involves the discipline of practice, just like practicing my accordion. I make time each day to play and play and play. It’s something I want to do. Each day, my time with the Lord is a discipline that I want to do as well. It is with this investment of time, that he guides me in making the major as well as minor moves in my life.


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